Most SUV models within the Jeep brand's signature lineup maintain similar design elements. While the Jeep Compass does display some distinctive Jeep features, it also paves the way for its own characteristic look and feel. Merging contemporary design elements with traditional Jeep brand accents, the Jeep Compass has managed to recreate itself.

The curves of the Jeep Compass are what draws buyers in Bellefontaine, OH into the compelling exterior aesthetics of this SUV model. With sloping lines and sharp edges in all the right places, the Jeep Compass can show off its athletic stance and add some modern flair to it.

Subtle accents throughout the overall exterior design of the Jeep Compass also make a big statement. Chrome attributes mix well with bold, black detailing to create a premium, yet sporty aesthetic. Certain features, like the Bi-Xenon High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps, add to the look of the Jeep Compass, as well as its enhanced safety.

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